Indonesia Historical/Military Photos (1945 – 1950) Part I

“Brothers, maybe when we can see this photos. We can imagine and think that our founding fathers of this country ( Republic of Indonesia) gives their property, family,  blood, and their life for the freedom of Indonesian people as an independent nation. So, deseverdly as a next generation of our  founding father, we should keep fight & keep our spirit to make our country better than before & keep our nation flag “MERAH PUTIH” stand up & waving at the blue sky …..happy anniversary for my country ….MERDEKA !!!!

THE ARMY (click to enlarge)

Tentara Keamanan Rakyat

Battle Situation During "Operatie Kraai"

When TNI ( TKR before) meet Dutch Soldier (KL)

Kebaktian Rakyat Indonesia Sulawesi Partisans

Tni Guerilia at ceremony

Tentara Pelajar ( Student Army) SWK 106 Ardjoena

Indonesian Army keep firing from their foxhole

Indonesian Freedom Fighter Marching Entering The Town

Indonesian Freedom Fighter TKR


TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) hijrah using the train


One response to “Indonesia Historical/Military Photos (1945 – 1950) Part I

  1. Demikian beratnya perjuangan orang tua2 kita dalam menegakkan Republik ini. Sungguh mirisnya sekarang melihat segelintir orang dengan seenaknya berpacu untuk menikmati Republik ini tanpa menghiraukan nasib orang lain. Su ta da lagi nilai2 pancasila.
    Oh negeriku..

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