Indonesia Historical/Military Photos (1945 – 1950) Part II

“Brothers, maybe when we can see this photos. We can imagine and think that our founding fathers of this country ( Republic of Indonesia) gives their property, family,  blood, and their life for the freedom of Indonesian people as an independent nation. So, deseverdly as a next generation of our  founding father, we should keep fight & keep our spirit to make our country better than before & keep our nation flag “MERAH PUTIH” stand up & waving at the blue sky …..happy anniversary for my country ….MERDEKA !!!!

THE FIGURES (click to enlarge)

Sjahrir, Soekarno, & Hatta when captured by Dutch during "Operatie Kraai"

Soekarno, burning the spirit of Indonesian people

Oerip Soemoharjo, ex KNIL who joined Indonesian Army

Hatta, The Proclamator

Indonesian Top Leader Army, during the meeting at Poerwokerto

Soedirman, The High Commander of Indonesian Army


Slamet Rijadi, The Commander of Brigade V Panembahan Senopati, Solo

Alex Evert Kawilarang Alex Evert Kawilarang

A.H. Nasution


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